Ancestry CEO Margo Georgiadis Reveals the Company’s Health Ambitions

According to an article by Zachary Hendrickson in the BusinessInsider web site:

“Genetic testing magnate Ancestry CEO Margo Georgiadis said that the startup plans to branch out from genealogy testing and expand into individualized medicine, Business Insider Prime reports.

Margo Georgiadis

“The company has largely refrained from stepping into the broader healthcare space — apart from a brief flirtation with an AncestryHealth product in 2015 — despite the success its rivals have achieved by leveraging genetic insights for pharmaceutical research and precision medicine. But now, Ancestry is building out a full health team, with open roles in marketing, engineering, communications, and senior management.”

You can read more at:


In other words, they want to start the same online health services as 23andMe that you reported on a few weeks ago, which, of course, gets the pharmaceutical and insurance corporations in on the record-setting profits (and CEO bonuses).
Yet a couple of days ago, the “news” you had from Ancestry made it seem like they were in dire financial straits and that’s why they were going to sell their business to someone else again.
Well, isn’t that interesting….


Medical privacy is just one of the alarming implications of what 23 and Me currently does and what Ancestry is proposing to do. DNA testing for medical purposes is complicated science, and only physicians who specialize in this area should be interpreting the results. How many consumers will be unnecessarily alarmed — or worse, decide to self-medicate — based on information they aren’t competent to understand?


This is very interesting and exciting news. I prefer Ancestry over 23andMe and look forward to see what’s in store!


My concern is whether AncestryDNA customers testing solely for ethnicity and/or genealogical matching will have the right to opt out of the health services part altogether and what is going to be done to keep their results private and confidential and away from the prying eyes of the insurance industry, even in aggregated and supposedly “anonymous” form.”

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HMMMMM Now we can choose between 23andMe who is primarily interested in health research, MyHeritage who is primarily interested in genealogy or Ancestry who is primarily interested in making money. Always nice to have choices.

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What about the current members? We should be able to opt out, too. If I wanted that information, I would have used 23 and me.


Ancestry’s testing and subscription base would not be eroding if they would listen to their customer’s needs and complaints.


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