FamilySearch Introduces Family Tree Lite

Here is a quote from the FamilySearch Blog:

“One of our goals at FamilySearch is to create a research experience that is fast and efficient. That’s why, when you visit our site or use our app, you come across so many different tools. You can attach photos, list sources, use record hints, and search partner sites, and the list goes on.

“However, in some cases, you might have limited internet bandwidth that doesn’t allow all the bells and whistles of the website to run smoothly. Or maybe you simply want to save on data usage. For these circumstances, we have created a streamlined version of FamilySearch’s Family Tree, known appropriately as Family Tree Lite.”

You can read a lot more about Family Tree Lite at:


I will never use any version of FS Family Tree until they remove the ability of other people to change the data that I post.


Alice Monholland Gordon September 2, 2019 at 6:34 pm

I appreciate all that you’ve done to improve our searching experience. I find useful info on here that’s not on ancestry. The school info tells us so much more than I would have thought. And it’s free! Thank you!


It would be wonderful if the computer didn’t automatically repost family 3 and four times. I add 5 people then have to delete 50 . It’s a total mess and complete time waster. Totally frustrated!!!


I still do searches on Family Search, but I no longer add anything to my family tree there. Other people have come in and added information which is unsourced and completely erroneous, such as a woman born in 1872 giving birth to a child born in 1860. Someone recorded my grandfather going to a certain high school in Ohio in 1918. He did, indeed go to that high school, but in 1918, he was 36 years old, married and living in California. The person with the same name who was going to that school in 1918 was his second cousin 1 removed. I don’t have time to go to Family Search to delete all the mistaken entries, so my tree there is a mess and I won’t add to it.


How can I get this?


Just wanted to counter some of the negative feedback on FamilySearch’s Family Tree. I’ve contributed a lot to it and haven’t regretted it. I guess I’ve been lucky that much of my input hasn’t been tampered with. Yes, I’ve seen errors and inconsistencies, just like everywhere else. Genealogy is messy, and collaborative genealogy even more so. From experience, I will say that Family Tree is much more complicated to use than most online trees, so inexperienced users may create errors inadvertently but have no idea how to correct them. Who’s to say I haven’t made some mistakes too? While I will always keep a separate tree that only I can edit, I see the value in the collaborative approach too. We are just at the tip of the iceberg with this and we have a long way to go.


I love how your website has been evolving .. the ” tasks” and name editing are very appreciated.


Regarding the comments about others adding or messing up your info on FamilySearch trees: FamilySearch is a world-wide tree, so everybody can add to and edit it. I agree that lots of users who don’t know what they are doing or don’t do their research properly can mess things up, but errors can usually be corrected and you can contact the contributors of bad informatoin and (kindly and tactfully) set them straight if you have sources to back up the data you had on the tree. If people want a PRIVATE tree in the internet, they can use sites where their trees can be looked at, but not edited by others. However, in that case, others can’t correct mistakes or add sources, documents, photos, etc. that you may otherwise never see or know about. So FamilySearch’s public trees and other sites’ private trees both have their good and bad points – use both types to your advantage!


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