A Brief Report on the Party in Amsterdam on Saturday Evening

I have been to many genealogy conferences. I suspect you may have also attend quite a few. This year, MyHeritage sponsored a party with a 1960s theme on Saturday evening.

Now, tell me, did you ever have an experience like this at any previous genealogy gathering? (Well, if so, maybe it was during the 1960s…

Click here to see a video from the party.

When the large image appears, you may have to click again in order to start the video.

Now here is another video of the party but here’s a secret: Shhh!

Look closely at the two Oriental ladies dancing together right in front of the band. You will see them best near the end of this video.

Click here to see the second video from the party.

When the large image appears, you may have to click again in order to start the video.

Yes, they are the two sisters who were recently reunited thanks to MyHeritage DNA tests, as described in the new documentary, titled “The Missing Piece,” that I described in yesterday’s report at https://blog.eogn.com/2019/09/06/an-update-from-myheritage-live-2019-day-1/.

MyHeritage flew the two sisters to the conference in Amsterdam, one from the USA and the other one from Belgium. After watching a few seconds of that video, it seems obvious the two belong together.

Finally, look at this picture:

Yes, that is me on the left but who is that well-known genealogist on the right? He (yes, that’s a “he”) speaks at many genealogy conferences around the world. You may know him.

The answer will be in tomorrow’s report.

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That’s definitely D.H. of MH


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