How to Create and Customize Google Maps

Want to make a map of great-great-grandparents’ homestead? How about a map showing a family’s migration over the centuries? Google Maps is a natural for such uses except that most people down’t know how to create custom maps using Google’s mapping service. However, now there is an online tool that simplifies the process.

Snazzymaps is a tool that aims to make it easier for anyone to customize Google Map. It has a nice and friendly user interface. You can build the map with just a couple of selections from the select box and you don’t even have to write code. There are many options for you to control the look of the map. You may also insert your custom marker icon and places. Perhaps the best part is it provides plenty pre-built map styles for you.

Snazzymaps doesn’t require any software installation; just open a web browser, go to and start using it. Since it is a web-based application, Snazzymaps works equally well on Windows, Macintosh, Chromebooks, Linux, iPad, Android tablets, and most any other kind of modern computer. It should even work on your “smartphone” although I suspect the small screen size of phones won’t be practical for creating maps. You probably want at least a tablet computer or larger screen

You can find Snazzymaps at while an introductory, “how to get started with Snazzymaps” article may be found  at:


Does it require you to supply a third party with your confidential google password Dick ?

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I would rather to use Google MyMaps


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