Gramps 5.1.1 Released

Gramps is an abbreviation for Genealogical Research and Analysis Management Programming System. It is a free and open source software (FOSS) project – a genealogy program that is both intuitive for hobbyists and feature-complete for professional genealogists. It also is available in multiple languages. Gramps is a community project,  not the product of a commercial corporation. Instead, Gramps is created, developed, and governed by volunteer genealogists.

Gramps gives you the ability to record the many details of an individual’s life as well as the complex relationships between various people, places and events. All of your research is kept organized, searchable and as precise as you need it to be. Gramps is a free competitor to Family Tree Maker, Roots Magic, Legacy Family Tree, Family Historian, Reunion, Heredis, MacFamily Tree, and almost all other genealogy programs of today.

Gramps was originally developed for Linux and UNIX but now additional versions are available for both Windows and Macintosh. Gramps can even work as a software program in the cloud. I wrote about the cloud version of Gramps 3 years ago at although I will say that the cloud version has matured a bit since I wrote that article.

A new version of Gramps has recently been released: version 5.1.1. A list of the changes and additions in this update may be found at:

If you are not yet familiar with Gramps and would like to learn more about this great free program, you might want to start at: The full documentation for Gramps may be found in the Gramps wiki at:


Because I am not a highly technical person, is Gramps compatible with Chrome? I know Chrome uses something of the Linux platform (?) and Gramps has a program for Linux, but do the two work together? Thanks.


    Gramps is super-easy to install and use on a Linux system but is somewhat more complicated on both Windows and Macintosh. Gramps does not work on Chromebooks, iPad, Android, or other operating systems.

    Gramps does not use the Chrome web browser in any way so that is a non-issue. However, please do not confuse the Chrome web browser with Chromebook’s Chrome operating system. The two are related, both are created by Google, but are quite different from each other. In any case, as I wrote before, Gramps does not work on Chromebooks, iPad, Android, or other operating systems.


RootsMagic and Microsoft OneNote are the only two programs that keep me using Windows. I have long considered switching over to Linux, and Gramps runs on that OS also. If Gramps is as good as the reviews claim it is, I may soon have only one program that requires me to use Windows.


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