(+) Follow-Up: Genealogy Record Keeping in the Post-PC World

About two weeks ago, I published a Plus Edition article entitled, (+) Genealogy Record Keeping in the Post-PC World. In that article, I wrote, “I believe the post-PC world is upon us. That is, personal computers as we know them are slowly disappearing and will become museum pieces within the next ten years.” I also wrote:

True to the predictions of industry pundits, both consumers and businesses are now replacing desktop and laptop computers with “smart” cell phones, tablet computers, and likely other lightweight computing devices that haven’t even been invented yet. In many cases, the ever-growing, high-speed wireless networks and cloud computing are allowing tiny, lightweight devices to replace traditional desktop systems. Having a powerful computer of your own is no longer essential; the power can exist either in your own computer or someplace in the cloud.

I then offered several suggestions for genealogists to keep in mind as the years go by in order to stay current with the available technology tools. A new article published this morning in the CircuitBreaker web site agrees with one of my suggestions and offers even more details about the topic.

If you are a Plus edition subscriber, you can check out my brief update at https://eognplus.com/2019/10/03/follow-up-genealogy-record-keeping-in-the-post-pc-world.

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