Doctor Sues Fertility Clinic After Discovering He Has At Least 17 Unknown Children From Sperm He Donated Decades Ago

Were you and your spouse or significant other both born in the Portland, Oregon area about 30 years ago? If so, you both might want to have your DNA tested to see if perhaps you are closer relatives than you previously thought you were.

An Oregon doctor is suing a fertility clinic after discovering that sperm he donated wasn’t used the way he wanted. Dr. Bryce Cleary discovered that he has at least 17 unknown children after donating sperm three decades ago.

The doctor said his sperm was supposed to be used in a very limited way, but that apparently didn’t happen. Through, he discovered he has children he never knew about.

Finding out you have at least 17 unknown children is not the type of family reunion Cleary was looking for.

You can read all about this story in an article by Stephanie Stahl in the CBS Philly web site at:

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