Genealogy Online Becomes Partner of Patronomia for Creating and Printing On-Demand Family History Books

The following announcement was written by PATRONOMIA and GENEALOGY ONLINE:

Paris, October 10, 2019 – PATRONOMIA and GENEALOGY ONLINE announced on Thursday their partnership and offer now an innovative service for creating and printing on-demand family history books.

This service will be presented from October 24 to 26 in London at the international genealogy conference RootsTech, where both PATRONOMIA and GENEALOGY ONLINE will have an exhibition stand.

Anyone who traced back his or her ancestors may combine both text and photos in an easy-to-read book, and have it printed in several copies in order to deal them around to family members.

Family histories are automatically written down in any of the languages handled by PATRONOMIA, and family trees are clearly laid out.

The Dutch portal GENEALOGY ONLINE becomes thus PATRONOMIA’s third partner, after FamilySearch in America in February 2018 and Geneanet in France in December 2018.

Thanks to this new application, everyone can create in a few minutes a personalized book of any family’s history in different languages: from now on in French, English, Dutch, Spanish and Italian, and later in Finnish, German, Norwegian, Portuguese and Swedish.

The technology used by PATRONOMIA makes it possible to automate the whole writing of the book and thus guarantee low prices. The user can flip through his book on the screen and do as many tests and changes as necessary before giving his “ready for press” order and paying online.

Books are printed in France within 3 to 5 days and shipped internationally by Jouve Print.

PATRONOMIA, since 2012, has been creating innovative web apps for family and probate genealogy. PATRONOMIA is a French company based in Paris, La Défense.

GENEALOGY ONLINE offers a multilingual service that enables family history researchers to easily publish their genealogical data online. GENEALOGY ONLINE is a product of the innovative Dutch company Coret Genealogy.

About RootsTech
RootsTech is the world’s largest family history conference held annually in Salt Lake City, Utah. Over 30,000 people from 43 countries were reported to have attended the 2019 RootsTech. For the first time ever, RootsTech will also expand to Europe, 24-26 October 2019 at the ExCeL Convention Centre, London, UK.

About Jouve Print
A global player in the graphic chain, Jouve is able to support the full lifecycle of printed products, from conception through delivery. They combine state-of-the- art technologies and innovative processes to enhance the value of your books in the marketplace. The team also helps you to respond more effectively to dynamic business and technical requirements, improving your competitiveness in an ever- changing market.


low prices? How much?


Who then owns the book?


“In a few minutes…?” I have written three family history books, and each took at least a year to complete–after the facts have been documented.


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