My Photos from RootsTech/London

I wrote about the RootsTech/London conference in another article I published today at I took so many photographs, however, that I decided to post them here in a separate article.  You will notice there are a lot of photos! Hopefully, these will give you a “flavour” of what it was like at the conference.
Yes, there were crowds! However, the ExCeL Center is so large that it never seemed crowded.

Nick Barratt hosted the Keynote Speeches every day

Nick Barrett meets his fans in the “Meet and Greet” in the VIP area.

Nick Barrett and his fans. Hey Nick, how come you attract all the ladies?

Steve Rockwood, CEO of FamilySearch International, gives his Keynote Speech

Everybody recognizes Donny Osmond! Here he is delivering his keynote speech.

Here are only some of the people waiting to meet Donnie Osmond. In order to show the entire crowd waiting in line, I would need a wide-angle lens!

Still more people waiting to “meet and greet” Donnie Osmond. Yes, he is in that crowd someplace.

The exhibits hall shortly before opening

The exhibits hall shortly after opening

The following photos are offered in no particular order:

The MyHeritage booth remained busy almost all the time. I managed to snap this photo at one of the quieter times.

23and Me DNA

Family Tree Maker had a very large display stand.

Family Book Creator by Stefan Harms is a very popular “add on” module for Family Tree Maker. Here, Stefan shows how to use the product.

Want a large wall chart? How about one of these  from

The above is one of the smaller charts available!

Here is the plotter used during the conference to create those wall charts: 

I’d love to have this plotter in my living room. However, I first need a bigger room!

FamilySearch not only produced the entire conference, but also had many employees talking with attendees offering advice and “how to” demonstrations.

Ancestry also had a big display stand and offered min-presentations in the stand all day long every day.

Family Tree DNA sold a lot of DNA testing kits at this conference!

Living DNA also sold a lot of DNA testing kits at this conference!

Findmypast is a “local”vendor with headquarters in London. The company’s  stand was busy all during the conference.

Alex Cox demonstrates some of the many available services of Findmypast.

Have a question on how to get started in genealogy or perhaps suggestions to break through a “brick wall” that has stymied you for years? Experts were on hand at the Coaches’ Corner to offer free advice. There was a long waiting line for this stand most all the time.

Here is (part of) the line of people waiting for a consultation with one of the experts at the Coaches’ Corner.

Who Do You Think You Are? magazine

The British Library is busy digitizing millions of documents.

Here an employee of the British Library demonstrates how the digitizing is done.

The Museum of Freemasonry

The Federation Francaise Genealogie (obviously) came from France to assist genealogists with French ancestry.

Filae also came from France to exhibit. For more about Filae, see my recent article at:

Italian genealogy anyone?

DNAGedcom – Borland Genetics

Automated Document Servies Ltd

Pen and Sword Books always attracts a lot of visitors to their stand

Want to try something you just learned while at the conference or simply check your email? Use the computers in the Cyber Café.

Family History Federation

The Ministry of Defence helped interpret lots of military records of armed forces members to relatives and also explained the many medals and other awards issued. 

Coret Genealogie is a leading Dutch genealogy service.

Jewish genealogy assistance offered by the International Association of Jewish Genealogical Societies

The Register of Qualified (Professional) Genealogists

That is Jackie Depelle on the left. She is often called “the Hat Lady” for obvious reasons. That’s me on the right. I must admit her hat is far more interesting than mine!

A better view of Jackie. Now, take a close-up look at her hat:

Those are the names of Many of Jackie’s ancestors written on the “leaves” on her hat. Great idea!

Looking for information about Families in British India? FIBIS probably can help!

Speaking of India, this organization is devote to finding records of Indian ancestors who migrated to other countries.

A leading Irish genealogy group

15-minute demonstrations of many products and services, many of whom did not have exhibit stands at the conference, were conducted all day every day. There was one demo of a soon-to-be-released product that really blew my mind. I am not yet free to write about it but will do so as soon as it is released to everyone.

Genealogy research in Arab countries

The University of Strathclyde offers a variety of study paths, ranging from beginner to intermediate 8 week classes, through to a Masters degree in history with an emphasis on family history.

This is Adrian Stone, Director of  the Windrush Roots organization dedicated to studying African ancestry amongst residents of the Caribbean Islands. Nice hat!

A typical scene between classes in the many presentations rooms. Yes, it was a crowd!

Angie Bush talks about DNA

Diahann Southard in her DNA Mentor stand. Indeed, she is an expert in the topic and has published “Your DNA Guide.”

This company has perhaps the most unique banner stands I have seen:

name & place is a product that will interest genealogists, one name studies, one place studies and many others.

My China Roots offers many services to Chinese descendants who live in many other countries.

And finally:

Here is one of our “security guards” at the conference. I’ll post more pictures about him and his friends at Comic Con in the next article!




It was a wonderful Roots Tech! Thank you for the pictures. One note—Coaches Corner was not run by the SoG, but by Trace Genealogy, an American Company. They have genealogists all over the world and you can hire experts through them, for as few or as many hours as you like. They’ve vetted the researchers, and offer different packages. They also ran the Coaches Corner this year in Salt Lake.


    Dick was showing where the end of the waiting line for Trace Coaches Corner was located, it just happened to be in front of the SoG booth.


I loved seeing all the shots! Thank you, Dick!


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