My Not-So-Evil “Twin Brother”

I have long been a fan of the television series “The Curse of Oak Island” that is now in its seventh season on the History Channel. I think I have seen every episode of the program. I also have had a long-term interest in another possibly related topic of European adventurers roaming around North America in the 1300s.

The travels of these Europeans in North America is unproven, but there is a lot of circumstantial evidence. I find the subject interesting. For details, see my earlier articles, “Was the Westford Knight also on Oak Island? and “Update: Was the Westford Knight also on Oak Island?”

Because of my investigations into the Westford Knight, I even had a very brief appearance in one of “The Curse of Oak Island” episodes last year.

I also have been a technology geek for years and have written a number of articles in this newsletter about genealogy uses of GPS devices, ground penetrating radar, and other high-tech methods of finding graves, ancestors’ homesteads, and other locations of interest to genealogists and historians.

Imagine my surprise last night when I watched the latest episode of “The Curse of Oak Island.” One person on the show looked strangely familiar. He is also a high-tech geek and is very involved in GPS and ground penetrating radar.

Do you see a resemblance between us?

Here is a picture of my television’s screen I took last night during the latest episode of “The Curse of Oak Island” showing Don Johnston of Global GPR Services as he was using ground penetrating radar to locate hidden tunnels on Oak Island:

Here is a picture of me that I use on this newsletter:



Beyond uncanny. Even the same hat?? There’s a story there.


Your Astrological Twin, perhaps??????


I guess they couldn’t afford you, so they found for a celebrity look-a-like.


Your evil twin? The same hat????


The GPR team uniform, obviously.


That is spooky….could be a very “long lost” relation!


They say everyone has a twin somewhere.
I share your fascination with Oak Island.


What is also spooky is that as I am scrolling thru your newsletter and see this article, I am also watching episode the same episode of oak island. Yep, he does look like you quite a bit. I am also a fan of the show. All the items they keep finding is soooo old. Very interesting


It might be interesting to find some old photos of Don Johnston to see how he looked two or three ears ago.
Who knows, he might claim you copied him…(Grin)


At least you are the better looking one 🙂


Hi Dick
One of the supporters of the show and story live in a neighboring Boro in our county..
What episode were you in?
Tom Greene


Hi Dick. I’m a huge Oak Island fan, but somehow I missed you last year. What season 6 episode were you in?


They say, we all have a twin somewhere. You found yours.


You may have been cloned 🙂


So anything on GPR at Oak Island? Cool shows, often, but they don’t get many payoffs.


I would certainly reach out to him. Perhaps he’s a fan of yours?


Vera Booksh Zimmerman November 15, 2019 at 9:58 am

It’s the hat. It’s controlling your minds. 😉 By the way, my husband has the same hat…and a grey beard.


A great example of doppelganger.


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