(+) Hands-On Review: the Best Bargain Tablet Computer Available Today

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A few weeks ago I purchased a new tablet computer and immediately fell in love with it. I now use it daily at home. I also took it to a genealogy event last weekend in Nashville. I am leaving tomorrow on a 9-day trip, and the new tablet was the first item I packed.

The bad news for me is that if I had waited a couple of weeks, I could have purchased the same tablet computer for two-thirds the price I paid. However, that’s good news for you if you are thinking of purchasing a new tablet computer: the same device is available today as a “Black Friday” sale for the lowest price ever.

The Apple iPad dominates tablet computer sales. The device I purchased is not an iPad. Instead, it is made by one of Apple’s largest competitors. However, it begs for side-by-side comparison with an iPad.

In fact, my new tablet is NOT “just as good as an iPad.” However, I will state that it is ALMOST as good as an iPad and now sells at a fraction of the cost. (An iPad costs $329 US or more, depending upon the model and options selected.) As a result, I will suggest that my new tablet computer is the most COST-EFFECTIVE tablet computer available today. However, the price will go back up shortly after Black Friday.

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