Have you tried AncestorSearch on Google Search for Searching for Ancestors (or Living People) Lately?

Randy Majors is well-known to readers of this genealogy newsletter. He has created several mapping utilities that add functionality to Google Maps, primarily for use by genealogists. See https://duckduckgo.com/?q=site%3Aeogn.com+%22Randy+Majors%22&t=brave&ia=web for a list of past newsletter articles about Randy and his many Google Maps enhancements.

Now for something completely different. Randy has written a new and somewhat different bit of software to use Google Search (not Google maps) to find ancestors and even for finding living people.

He writes, “Enter AncestorSearch on Google Search, a free search tool that uses Google search enhancements so that you are much more likely to find mentions of the ancestors (or living people) you’re looking for that are otherwise buried in thousands of Google search results. Basically, it uses Google advanced search operators behind the scenes so you don’t have to spend time typing a bunch of awkward symbols.”

You can read the full story on Randy Majors’ web site at: https://www.randymajors.com/2019/11/have-you-tried-ancestorsearch-on-google.html.


Google says it has millions of results, but it only shows 300 results. At a default of 20 results per page, few people go through 15 pages of results. I have my Google search set to 100 results per page. This made it easier to identify the 300 limit.


On a related note: I really miss MooseRoots. It searched Google Books more effectively than Google Books searches itself. Maybe this will be a good substitute.


I’m confused. How does one get to “AncestorSearch on Google Search”?


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