Dr. Phil Learns More About His Family’s Roots with MyHeritage

From the MyHeritage Blog:

We just visited the set of television personality Dr. Phil to share with him unknown information about his family’s past. Dr. Phil was amazed and fascinated with what we were able to uncover about his family history, including never-before-seen photos and records.

Dr. Phil began his journey with MyHeritage roughly a year ago when he took a MyHeritage DNA test and discovered previously unknown details about his family history. We even presented his wife, Robin McGraw, with some amazing family history information. Among other things, she learned that working in the beauty industry runs in her family.

Robin is the founder of Robin McGraw Revelation, a skincare and lifestyle brand. She may have inherited this from her grandmother, Opal Jameson, who ran her own beauty shop in the 1930s!

MyHeritage consultant Yvette Corporon just returned to Dr. Phil’s set this past week to present him with new treasures about his roots.

Watch the full segment here:

You can find many more details in the MyHeritage Blog at: https://blog.myheritage.com/2019/12/dr-phil-learns-more-about-his-familys-roots-with-myheritage/


Why did Dr. Phil have his ancestry researched twice? He appeared on Dr. Louis Gates’ program ( Finding Your Roots) in season 4, about a year or two ago. Dr. Gates presented a huge layout of all of Dr. Phil’s ancestors, and now another genealogical report was needed?


Maybe it’s just me, but, # I’m very skeptical when somebody says, “We found your entire family tree!” How many bogus online trees did they use to make these “connections?” and also maybe this is just me, but, the most FASCINATING thing about genealogy is the RESEARCH — doing it myself and often through hands on trial and error you LEARN more than if somebody gives it all to you. It’s much better to teach a man to fish than to fish for him. I guess unless he just really doesn’t like fishing? 😉 Also whether it’s something like this or Who Do You Think You Are? or Finding Your Roots if I can find the videos online I love to freeze the frame where they show the documents and read them for myself. They sometimes either a) don’t get that right and give wrong information or b) completely omit important information. The most interesting thing about the 1910 census here was that Dr. Phil’s great-grandfather McGraw was born in Ireland and his great-grandmother “McGraw (MNU – Maiden Name Unknown)” was born in France. The rest of the explanations were pretty much the same as anybody else. That doesn’t impress me much. According to Wiki Tree myself and TONS of other people are related to British royalty — again how do they come up with that conclusion. Do the research yourself and you’ll enjoy it, you’ll learn something AND you’ll know that you have it correct.


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