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(+) Convert your Old Videotapes to DVD or Digital Files Before They Deteriorate!

The Cost of Getting Genealogical Records from the Government Could Go Up Nearly 500%. An Effort is Underway to Stop That.

FamilySearch Releases GEDCOM Version 5.5.1

How Artificial Intelligence is Helping Identify Thousands of Unknown Civil War Soldiers

Historical Record Collections Added to MyHeritage in the First Half of December

Montana State Genealogical Library working to Make Collection Available Online

The Nebraska Death Index (1904-1968) is Now Online

Old Manchester, Connecticut Newspapers are being Digitized

Royal Air Force Museum New Website Casualty Forms For WW l

State Library of Massachusetts has a New Collection of Digitized Maps

TheGenealogist Enhances Map Explorer™

Growing Your Roots Austin 2020: The Inaugural African American Genealogy Conference

Over 750,000 Applications for US Birth Certificate Copies Exposed Online

Test Your Cat’s DNA

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