Test Your Cat’s DNA

Why should humans be the only ones to test their DNA in order to discover their family trees? Shouldn’t ALL family members be tested? After all, your cat is practically a family member also, right?

DNA testing for humans has been available for several years. Testing a dog’s DNA has been an option for a year or two. Now you can even have your cat’s DNA tested!

Disclaimer: I haven’t tried this myself, primarily because I don’t have a cat. The information in this article is presented “as is” and should not be interpreted as a recommendation from me or from anyone else.

A company called Basepaws offers a Cat DNA Test. The company’s web site claims (in part):

“Find out what your cat’s DNA can tell you about their health, breed, traits and habits.”

“Know your cat – inside and out
“With the our Cat DNA test, you can learn exactly what makes your cat unique. From understanding their breed makeup to learning about their health and traits, Basepaws tells you more about your cat than ever before.”

“Collect a swab sample from your cat’s inner cheek by following the instructions printed inside your CatKit.”

“Your cat’s Breed, Wildcat, Traits & Health data will continue to update as our database grows.”

You can learn more at https://www.basepaws.com and especially in the “How It Works” page at https://www.basepaws.com/how-it-works/.

The test presently sells for $89.00 U.S. on the Basepaws web site with a claim that it is a sale price and then the site lists the “regular price” as $129. Amazon presently sells the kit at https://amzn.to/2MBeyoW for an even lower price: $79 U.S. (Prices do change frequently on Amazon, however.) Amazon also includes free shipping for Amazon Prime members.

If you do purchase the cat DNA test, please post a comment below about your satisfaction and the results you obtained so that the rest of us can learn from your experience.


Yes, right, just try holding my cat down long enough to swap her inner cheek!


I have had cats all my life, and just don’t see the point. Donate that $89.00 to your local animal shelter to help the cats there…and appreciate your cat for what he or she is.

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I’ve used Basepaws to test my cat’s DNA. It took 7 weeks from receipt of my kit for the results to be available. There was excellent communication from the company throughout the process. My main reason for testing was the health information, so I was pleased to learn he tested clear on all 39 disease related markers. The breed information was particularly interesting as he came out high for Abyssinian and I had long suspected he had Abyssinian heritage. Fun fact – the wild cat he is most similar to is the cheetah!

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