Update to “(+) MoIP Explained”

This is a follow-up to my earlier Plus Edition article, (+) MoIP Explained. That article is still available in the Plus Edition web site at: https://eognplus.com/2019/12/16/moip-explained/.

In the earlier article, I wrote, “I will describe a new technology that probably will create equally big, or even bigger, changes in the lives of today’s families.” I also wrote, “Many people believe MoIP will become as popular as email, cell phones, or Netflix. In fact, MoIP may become even MORE POPULAR than those other services.”

Now a new article by Andy Mukherjee published in the Bloomberg web site agrees and then describes where the first implementation of this new technology will soon be implemented, probably by the end of 2020. He writes, “Ever since the advent of the 17th-century goldsmith-banker in London, the most crucial thing in banking has been the ledger, a repository of irrefutable records to establish trust in situations where it doesn’t exist.”

Andy Mukherjee then goes on to describe the new replacement system that probably will be available within a year. You can read Andy Mukherjee’s new article at: https://bloom.bg/2sA7lyx.

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