Get Those Records, Tapes and CDs Onto Your Smartphone

Want to preserve family photographs, videos, and audio recordings? I wouldn’t use a smartphone for the purpose of archiving things for years. However, having those items conveniently saved on a phone is a great method for sharing them with relatives at reunions, holiday events, and other family get-togethers.

J. D. Biersdorfer has published an article in the New York Times that should interest many genealogists:

“A huge amount of the world’s audio has been digitized, but many veterans of the Analog Age still have out-of-print albums, lectures and other content locked on vinyl records, cassettes and CDs. Converting the audio to digital formats for personal use is much simpler than it used to be, though, thanks in part to gadgets that connect to a computer’s USB port.

“In addition to making files that play on your smartphone or media server, digitizing your analog audio creates an electronic archive you can store online for safekeeping. The steps for converting your old recordings vary on the formats and equipment you have, but here’s a general outline of the process and the equipment you may need.”

The full article is available at:

One Comment

For $70 you can hook a 256 gb USB drive to your iPhone, iPad
BTW: using a powered USB hub and iOS 13 I was able to attach
10 terrabytes of data to my iPhone, iPad

For $40 you can digitize records without a computer


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