Western Pennsylvania Public Burial Ground Has Many More Remains Than Originally Believed

From an Associated Press article:

The Washington County Old Men’s Home, 2198 North Main Street, Arden, Washington County, PA.

“Officials say a large western Pennsylvania public burial ground already thought to contain hundreds of remains actually has many more than previously thought — and there’s a new resource available to those who believe a relative may be buried there.

“Potter’s Field — a term for common graves, those for paupers or unclaimed bodies — was believed to contain as many as 502 people, many of whom may have fallen victim to tuberculosis, The (Washington) Observer-Reporter reported.

“But research conducted at the behest of Commissioner Harlan Shober, encompassing records kept for 66 years until 1945, concludes that more than 1,300 were likely buried there in unmarked graves.”

The new database is available at: http://pottersfield.washcopa.org/PottersField/index.aspx.

You can read more in the Associated Press article at: https://www.dailyinterlake.com/article/20191229/AP/312299925 and

You can read more in the Associated Press article at: https://www.dailyinterlake.com/article/20191229/AP/312299925 and also in an article at: http://pottersfield.washcopa.org/PottersField/v20190701c/index.html.


That’s fascinating! My husband is from Pennsylvania coal miner stock. They keep finding more and more burials with new technology. Sometimes, it reveals gross past disgraces. https://www.wtoc.com/2019/11/21/coffins-discovered-under-high-school-fla/?fbclid=IwAR3wknS2Oqjdo_5YGdWTkbUn2PB1QNq13NBTHeCyGrJ6OiszxIgTUS5AZ34


Thanks for this info. What’s amazing, they knew how to use excel but not how to sort the records alphabetically?
Enlarge it and Use Control-f to search for a name if you don’t want to look thru through 11 pages.


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