Announcing Genealogical Adventures 2020 – a Heritage and Genealogical Tour to Sweden 2020, 3rd – 11th August 2020.

The following announcement was written by the Adventure Skaraborg Society, the organizers of Genealogical Adventures 2020:

Genealogical Adventures 2020 – a Heritage and Genealogical Tour to Sweden 2020, 3rd – 11th August 2020.

The trip Genealogical Adventures 2020 to Sweden is customized for everyone who travels on this genealogy travel package tour. It’s a travel package that allows the participants to find their roots in Sweden combined with touring Swedish historical and cultural highlights. The trip is for participants who have ancestry in Sweden.

No genealogy skills are required but knowledge where in Sweden and who the ancestors are is important. The information is asked for in the Genealogy Research Query Form which has to be filled in. By doing so the process to find the right researcher and guide for the person who is interested to join the tour starts, by the Adventure Skaraborg Society who is the host for the tour. In the form, it’s also included what the participant likes to do in Sweden. Visit the area the ancestor came from and meeting relatives of today.

By paying the deposit, the participant gets in touch with the genealogist and guide and together they plan for the customized genealogy days of the tour which are made for each participant. The genealogy research is made before the participants take the flight to Sweden.

The trip starts in Gothenburg and ends in Stockholm. The first sightseeing on the trip is The House of Emigrants in Gothenburg, where the participants learn how the emigration took place. The major sightseeing is Day 3 when the participants visit Swedish historical sights and learn about Swedish history and how it was to live in Sweden in the old days. The days that follow are customized for each of the participants. More information about what is included in the trip and travel itinerary can be read at Flyer at

Genealogy Query Form:

A previously participant’s testimonial:
“This was the best genealogy trip I can imagine! On my own I could never have found all the places much less the people that my genealogist found for me. I think you have a gold mine of an idea and I hope that many more people can benefit from it! Thank you for accepting me on the trip.” From

One Comment

In 2018 I took this trip and will always be grateful to Adventure Skaraborg for their help. I worked with a genealogist before the trip on my family tree. They found my Ancestral homes, churches, and cemeteries. The best was meeting living Cousins and we correspond even today. Touring various sites after my family days was wonderful. Thank you Mr. Eastman for posting this trip so other people might be able to walk in the footprints of their Ancestors.


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