It is the First Day of the Month: Back Up Your Genealogy Files

BackUpYourGenealogyFilesIt is the first day of the month. It’s time to back up your genealogy files. Then test your backups!

Actually, you can make backups at any time. However, it is easier and safer if you have a specific schedule. The first day of the month is easy to remember, so I would suggest you back up your genealogy files at least on the first day of every month, if not more often.

Of course, you might want to back up more than your genealogy files. Family photographs, your checkbook register, all sorts of word processing documents, email messages, and much more need to be backed up regularly. Why not do that on the first day of each month?


I would suggest backing up much more often. Once a month is not enough. I do three backups regularly, two to different cloud sites and one to an off-site backup. The cloud backups update their versions of my files shortly after every time I modify a file or document.
Also, you should occasionally check the backups – one or more files could possibly become corrupted, causing faulty backups, and you wouldn’t know it until you need to restore something. By that time, it would be too late.


One of the backups should be disconnected from the computer when not actively being backed up (and this includes cloud backups, which tend to be continuously) as if you’re hit with ransomware, it’ll encrypt not inky your computer but any attached drives, including your external backup destination, defeating the purpose of your backup process.


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