Family History Hosting Announces GEDCOM Assessment v1.03

This strikes me as a major new software tool. If every software developer would use the GEDCOM Assessment tool announced today, the end result should be more accurate future transfers of genealogy data via GEDCOM.

The following announcement was written by Family History Hosting:

Narragansett, RI – February 7, 2019 – Family History Hosting, LLC is pleased to announce version 1.03 of free GEDCOM Assessment resources including assess.ged.

assess.ged is a special GEDCOM file you may use to test the GEDCOM import
capability of any program that reads a GEDCOM file and imports the contents.
By reviewing the results you can determine whether and how the target
application handles various GEDCOM records and record combinations.

The GEDCOM Assessment web site at now
includes assessment results
at for fourteen
popular programs, including Family Tree Maker® 2019. End users should review
the assessment result for any program they are using or considering using to
educate themselves on data fields that may not transfer as expected between
programs. For an overview of all the current assessments, see the Comparison Chart at

.Several software publishers have used GEDCOM Assessment to assess their own
programs, identify issues, and correct them. This is a great outcome for the
genealogy community! The more programs comply with the GEDCOM standard, the
easier it is for genealogists and family historians to move data between

In addition to software publishers, several interested end users have
contributed assessments, another example where people in the genealogy
community give freely of their time for the greater good.

Everyone is permitted to download and use assess.ged. There is no usage fee.
assess.ged is copyrighted. You may edit assess.ged for your own use, but
distribution of copies of assess.ged, amended or not, is prohibited.

Family Tree Maker 2019 is a registered trademark of The Software MacKiev

One Comment

It seems to me that this is a file for use by software developers and not genealogists. Of more use to genealogists is Family Tree Analyzer which reviews your GEDCOM and identifies errors and other problems which you can correct before importing to another program. Family Tree Analyzer is available for free from


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