Discover Romance in your Family Tree with a 40% Discount on Findmypast Subscriptions

Love is obviously in the air. If not in the air, at least it is online. The following announcement was written by Findmpast:

·        Leading UK family history website Findmypast announce 40% discount on 12 month subscription options in Valentine’s Day offer

·         Available to all new and returning customers until midnight (GMT) February 23rd

·        Build your family tree online and discover ancestors in billions of historical records and newspapers

It’s never been easier to trace centuries of love and romance in your family tree. Discover your ancestor’s marriage records and so much more with a 40% discount on all 12-month subscriptions to Findmypast.

This limited time offer is available to all new and returning customers from now until midnight (GMT) on Sunday 23rd February 2020. Click HERE and enter the promo code FMPLOVE40 to claim your discount on any of the following 12 month subscription options:

·         Essential British & Irish – All the crucial records for starting a family tree and tracing your roots back five generations. The Essential package also enables you to benefit from the research of other members by matching common ancestors to the names stored in your family tree

·         Ultimate British & Irish – Explore everything Findmypast has to offer and search for your ancestors across all birth, marriage, death, census, work, education, military, travel and social history records. Pro covers access to all 13 billion UK, Irish and world records as well as Findmypast’s exclusive newspaper archive spanning more than three centuries of British and world history

Building a family tree on Findmypast is the first step towards exploring your family’s story in vivid detail. Starting a tree is free, simple and Findmypast’s automatic hints will search birth, marriage, death, parish, census, military and newspaper records, as well as trees created by other members, to suggest as many potential matches as possible.

Findmypast is home to a vast archive of more than 13 billion family history records that continues to grow by an average of 4 million names per day. The site’s unrivalled collections of British and Irish records cover a wide range of resources, many of which you won’t find anywhere else online.

To find out more about tracing an ancestor’s marriage, see our marriage record guide:

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Doesn’t seem to apply to us in U.K.


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