DNA Test Results are Life-Changing for a Connecticut Man

If you have your DNA tested, please make sure you are prepared for surprising changes, even confusion and huge emotional upheavals.

For instance, Enfield, Connecticut resident Ryan Simpson bought a DNA test kit when it was on sale. He later said, “I was not expecting to find anything other am I really Irish? Or am I really German? Or something like that.” Instead, he found out that the man he thought was his father was not even related to him. Simpson started asking his parents some questions.

The full story is available in an article by Caitlin Burchill in the NBC Connecticut web site at: http://bit.ly/2OTN8f8.

Question: who are your TRUE relatives? Are you mentally prepared to find out?


Not surprised at all. I helped a man who is not computer-savvy. The father he always thought to be, even on birth certificates, etc.

Turned out he wasn’t his father (of old New England stock). His birth father was Jewish of Eastern Europe.


A quote from my Daily Breeze newspaper today is in an article about three teenagers from 15 years ago who were convicted and now exonerated of a murder , “We must remember it is a tool of justice not a tool of conviction.” One man died in prison. The daughter of the victim helped to identify the suspect because of the DNA testing. She was 13 at the time and knuckled at the intense interrogation and identified the innocent teen. The two detectives have since retired.The killing is tied to a man who has been arrested., The recently released man is now 54 y/o. This scientific development is the greatest thing for justice since fingerprint identification. 🙂 This is the result of DNA results from our data bases being correctly and properly used.There will be more cases like this.


I found my full sister a year ago thru Ancestry. She was put up for adoption before our parents were married. I found out about her 11 years ago, after my folks had passed. She always knew she was adopted. I checked DNA matches every day for 10 years and nothing. She took the test to see what her ethnicity was, not even thinking about possible family out there. One morning I checked as I always did, and there she was ! She was real. We communicated daily for a few months before being able to meet. She was able to meet her 6 siblings and things went very well. We all group text a few times a week, and are planning our second get together. Life is good !


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