MyHeritage in Color™ Goes Viral: Over a Million Photos Already Colorized

MyHeritage (the sponsor of this newsletter) has obviously had great success with the newly-launched service that offers computer-generated color enhancement of old black-and-white photographs. See for the original announcement.

Photographs courtesy of David Allen Lambert

In the first 5 days since the service was launched, more than a million photos have been colorized — and the numbers keep growing. You can read more about the service and also see a number of colorized photos and testimonials published on various social media sites in an article in the MyHeritage Blog at


I love it! When I have only black and white photos of my parents’ wedding.
The big surprise is the color was very vivid! Especially my mother’s wedding dress. All white with blue and red petals across the chest and very dark red rose bouquet (I know it’s dark red because my mother saved the bouquet and eventually they dried, retaining the color).


Just to sample, one has to sign up for a membership. Too bad! I use Photomyne which does a pretty fair job. I was hoping to take a couple of B&W’s that I’ve done with Photomyne and see how the MyHeritage process compares by looking at the results side by side. Is there anyone here who is already signed up with MyHeritage who has used Photomyne and can speak to this question?


How does it know the flowers and button are pink?
How does it know there are two separate hair ribbons of different colors?


    Perhaps it’s only one ribbon but it’s in shadow on her left and therefore darker than on the right.
    This brightness difference may have fooled the software. Or has it fooled the customer?


    I think they should have made the colored part of the ribbon in shades of black and white, as it was in a shadow.


This sounds really great! But every photo I try to upload or drag generates “An error occurred. Please try again later.” Mac, Safari and Chrome.


    Have you contacted MyHeritage Customer Service? They should be able to help you better than anyone else can.

    I can verify that the colorizing service worked well for me and apparently it worked well for the other people who have posted comments about their usage here.

    It should work for you also. I don’t know why it is not working for you but I suspect MyHeritage Customer Service can figure it out.


    Do a “Get Info” on the photo you are attempting with? It is possible that your photo is maybe a PDF or other format while any photo editing process like this is looking for a photographic format like jpg, tiff, png, etc.


Most of the colors are correct or near enough on the 10 I’ve tried so far. My auburn (red) hair wasn’t quite bright enough but it did have red tones. Really nice to see the b/w’s in color. Thanks MyHeritage.


I have one picture that I had colorized at MyHeritage that at first glance turned out good. It’s a picture of one of my cousin and her parents. She is wearing what looks like a white dress. Her father has on a grey suit. Her mother is wearing a dark dress. They only got one of the three right. The father. The white dress is actually pink. The mother is wearing a (navy) blue dress. It was multi-colored, purple and some other dark unknown colors. The results aren’t good enough to make me spend $300 for a membership so that I can get picture #11 colorized.


I tried dozens of times, but all I get is “An error occurred. Please try again later.” Three different browsers but just the same message. Rubbish!


    —>all I get is “An error occurred. Please try again later.” That is strange and appears to be the opposite of what other people experienced. I cannot imagine why you would have a problem that others did not experience. At the RootsTech conference last week, I watched as dozens of people experimented with the new colorizing capability and I don’t remember ever seeing any errors at all.

    If you are using Windows, I would suggest you re-boot and try again.


I concur with Dave. Same message on every attempt, even after a reboot. Input is valid .jpg files. OS is Win10. There is a bug there somewhere.


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