Book Scanning Service Provided FREE of Charge by FamilySearch at RootsTech

Are you going to the RootsTech conference in Salt Lake City? If so, do you also have a family history or local history book that you would like to have digitized?

The FamilySearch Book Scanning booth (#1635) will scan your family history or local history scanned for free!

You can have your books digitized, processed into full-text searchable files, and then published online in the digital library! For items you have authored or have permission to scan, please bring this signed permission form when you bring your items.

See you at RootsTech!


I wonder if this will become a permanent service, similar to the colorization offer now made by Myheritage.


    —> I wonder if this will become a permanent service

    It already is a permanent service. FamilySearch is presently digitizing all out-of-copyright genealogy books and history books that they do not already have in their collection. They also will digitize genealogy books and history books that are still under copyright if they can obtain written permission from the copyright holder.

    The announcement above simply tells they are picking up their (heavy and expensive) book scanners that are used most every day on the office and transporting the scanners to the RootsTech conference for the convenience of anyone who has such a book and wants to have it digitized “while you wait.”

    Again, they will only digitize books where they have a legal right to do so. Two digital copies are made: one is returned to you and the other stays with FamilySearch for (probable) future inclusion into the online library.

    FamilySearch is especially interested in:

    Family histories
    Published genealogical books
    Published historical books such as local and county histories
    Indexes and transcriptions of records in book format
    Autobiographies and biographies containing genealogical materials for multiple generations


Aunt Sara Ellen wrote a family book. She is long gone so who would give the permission to scan the book…???


Does Family Search already have the book A Biography of Ezra Thompson Clark, written by his (deceased) granddaughter Annie Clark Tanner? (I believe they have a book she wrote later, entitled A Mormon Mother.) It is about 80 pages long, and several of us in the Clark family would like a copy. How can we proceed? Awaiting your reply … hopefully


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