Explore FamilySearch’s Historical Images Tool to Unlock Data in Digital Records

The following is an excerpt from an article by Sharon Howell published at https://www.familysearch.org/blog/en/explore-historical-images/:

“FamilySearch, FamilySearch partners, and volunteers worldwide have worked to make over 3 billion records easily findable online with a very simple name search. But did you know that these indexed records represent only 20 percent of the historical records FamilySearch has available online?

“If you haven’t found your ancestors by using the main search form on FamilySearch.org, it may be that their information is locked inside a waiting-to-be-indexed digital image. In 2018 alone, FamilySearch added over 432 million new record images to its online collections. But it can take years to catalog and index these images so they can be readily searched.

“Fortunately, the tools for finding the record image you need online are improving dramatically. Well ahead of any formal indexing or cataloging, the new FamilySearch Explore Historical Images tool can help you find records about your ancestors more easily, even when their information is not text-searchable and seems to be locked inside a digital image.”

You can read the full article at: https://www.familysearch.org/blog/en/explore-historical-images/.


Can we save the image to our computer instead?


    Yes, once you find an image of the page of the records you want to keep, you can download it to your computer. (I have been able to do so on several occasions when searching through unindexed records on FamilySearch.)


    You can’t always save images off FS onto your computer – it depends on the controller of the originals. Recently I used the online FS images to confirm a will was one of “my lot” and then sent off to the relevant record office for a (paid for) printed copy.


Wanted to cry. There was my great grandfather’s paperwork to become a citizen. It has a different birth year as what is on other documents but it does have the city of birth. He was denied because one of his witnesses was not a citizen. Looks like he didn’t file again. Thank you, Dick, for publishing this. Still lots of questions about his parents but it opened a door.


What about film 1194512 and other films of Strzelce Wielkie parish which are indicated as viewable with additional restrictions ? Which are those restrictions? Is it possible to view those films online?


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