Where Am I From? New FamilySearch Discovery Activity Is a Fun Way to Explore Heritage

The following announcement was written by FamilySearch:

FamilySearch released its new Where Am I From? interactive online activity this week. The experience is a fun way to explore your ancestral origins. Users can see emigration and immigration movements of their ancestors on a map, discover their countries of origin, and learn the heritage and traditions of their ancestors’ homelands. To start having fun, users will need a free FamilySearch account.

The Where Am I From? experience is the newest addition to a series of FamilySearch discovery activities. Dan Call, the FamilySearch experience manager for the feature, said, “Users can learn fun facts from their family homelands, like the types of food they eat, popular recipes, and family and social dynamics, including common greetings, gestures, and other cultural attributes.”

The feature contains heritage-specific data for 240 countries and provinces. Although it is not required, users with more genealogical information in FamilySearch’s free Family Tree will have the richest, personalized discovery experiences. The discovery activity will take their family tree data and provide meaningful and visual representations that are fun to explore and share.

Where Am I From? Four Key Experiences

Generation. Use an interactive, global map to pinpoint where your ancestors lived.

Family Lines. View your family’s movement over time by specific ancestral lines.

My Heritage. Discover where your ancestors came from and explore the heritage of your homelands.

Timeline. Learn where your ancestors were during major world events.

For those who are just beginning to build their family trees, Call says if they know any of their ancestral countries of origin, they will have a great time exploring the fun and fascinating information Where Am I From? offers for those countries.

The Where Am I From? experience is engaging for people of all ages and makes it easy for beginners to learn fun new facts about their personal and family histories.

While testing the new experience, Call said it was common to see new, teen-aged users getting totally enthralled in viewing their ancestors’ photos and stories and other interesting facts about their ancestral origins.

Explore your heritage with the new Where Am I From? activity.



The Where Am I From? FamilySearch discovery activity. Useless if you’re from the UK, since the individual countries that make up the UK aren’t listed. Traditions in each country are different. Living in Wales is not like living in Scotland or Ireland or England.


Interesting and it helped me find a few holes in my tree. I did not find the dashes connecting people like in the right hand image shown above. My biggest disappointment was that it only goes back 8 generations. Still, it was a neat feature and worth looking at.


I found the dashes when I played with it a little more under Family Connections!


It is a very nice feature…Glad that Family Search is always trying to improve the site and has great records!


I haven’t tried searching this yet, but I am excited about it and shared it with a family
member. Does it cover Bermuda Islands?


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