Explore British & Irish roots through your Findmypast Family Tree

The following announcement was written by Findmypast:

·         Findmypast Tree-To-Tree hints present unique opportunities for family history discoveries in the UK and Ireland 

·         Anyone with a Findmypast family tree now benefits from existing research submitted by thousands of British and Irish family historians 

·         Vital information on millions of common ancestors now available online

RootsTech, Salt Lake City, Utah,  February 27th 2020

Findmypast’s Tree-to-Tree hints are transforming the research of family historians across North America by connecting them to a wealth of family information on both sides of the Atlantic. 

First launched in September 2019, Findmypast’s Tree hints now present North American researchers with a unique opportunity to benefit from the research of family historians in the UK and Ireland by connecting them to a goldmine of information that was, until now, completely inaccessible.

Many people, often unknown to each other, share common ancestors within a few generations. By joining forces and connecting this knowledge, Findmypast is able offer their users millions of new opportunities for discovery that will continue to grow as new trees are created or uploaded to the site. 

Findmypast trees collectively contain the details of millions of individuals spanning hundreds of years. This valuable information can now be presented to users in the form of tree hints. As researchers add new ancestors to their tree, Findmypast automatically compares the relevant names, dates and locations to all those stored on existing trees before suggesting potential matches.

Anyone with a Findmypast family tree will now receive hints based on common ancestors, allowing them to uncover previously undiscovered family members in the British Isles with greater ease than ever before. 

Tamsin Todd, CEO of Findmypast, said: ”For anyone investigating English, Irish, Welsh or Scottish roots, Findmypast has so much to offer. Not just its world-leading and unique collection of historical records, but also an immense store of family trees. Often these family trees have been built by researchers who have closely studied local places, people and events over many years. By using tree to tree hints, Findmypast customers can make even more discoveries as they benefit from the work already done by our passionate and knowledgeable user community.”

Tree-to-tree hints are just the latest in a series of new features designed by Findmypast to support researchers of all backgrounds and ability levels. Findmypast trees also provide hints based on billions of census, birth, marriage, death, parish and military records, allowing users to jump back through the generations simply through the process of building their tree. Every accepted hint results in the addition of new names, dates and facts; valuable information that in turn leads to the generation of new hints. 

With an average of 4.3 million names added to Findmypast’s archives on a daily basis and with thousands of new trees uploaded/created each week, Findmypast’s family tree builder becomes more powerful by the day, adding even more value to a Findmypast subscription.

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