Findmypast’s Newspaper Archive Goes Global

The following announcement was written by Findmypast:

The world’s largest online collection of historic British & Irish newspapers branches out into new territories for the first time

·          Titles from Canada and the wider Commonwealth now available to search 

·         New publications covering regions of North America, the Carribean and Asia to be published online in the coming months 

Salt Lake City, Utah,  February 28th 17, 2019. For Immediate Release

Findmypast and the British Newspaper Archive, have today announced a major new development in their project to digitize the British Library’s vast collection of historical newspapers.

Following the recent addition of brand new titles covering Canada and British India, including some of the first English language-newspapers ever to be printed in these regions, Findmypast will continue to add thousands of pages from a variety of Commonwealth publications throughout 2020.

Findmypast’s newspaper collection now contains over 36 million pages from over 1000 titles covering England, Wales, Scotland, Ireland and beyond. Spanning over 300 years (1708 – 2009) years of local, national and world history, it contains over 3.2 billion names found within notices of births, marriages and deaths, obituaries, advertisements, letters, news reports and much more. 

In the coming months, newspaper enthusiasts can expect to see a variety of new additions from Canada, India, Pakistan, Jamaica, and Barbados added to the collection. Researchers will soon have the ability to instantly access millions of articles in titles such as the Toronto Daily Mail, Hamilton Daily Times, Times of India, Calcutta Gazette, The Jamaica Mercury & Kingston Weekly Advertiser and more. 

This exciting development marks the latest step in Findmypast’s drive to help researchers across the globe transform their understanding of historical events both great and small, while adding color, context and depth to their family history research. 

The past 12 months has seen a dramatic increase in Findmypast’s rate of newspaper digitization, with over 5.9 million pages containing roughly 533 million names made available to search online since January 2019. 

Today’s announcement builds on Findmypast’s historically strong coverage of the UK and the millions of pages recently added from Scottish and Irish titles. 

Tamsin Todd, CEO of Findmypast, said; “We are delighted to be working with our partners at the British Library to welcome these new international titles to our collection. Newspapers supplement the facts of our family histories with rich stories –  in them we might find a picture of the place an ancestor lived or worked, or what was happening in sports and politics and entertainment on the important days in their lives. With its new international reach, the British Newspaper Archive is becoming an ever more useful source for the social historian and family researcher alike.” 


Many thanks Dick,
According to notes I gave at talk last year, the Calcutta Gazette (1764-1815) started to appear on the British Newspaper Archive in October 2019 (Hicky’s Bengal Gazette for 1781 has long been available free on Google but not the Govt Calcutta Gazette.) The Times of India (1838 onward) has I think only been available via Pro.Quest. So this announcement is a huge step forward in accessibility. It will be great to see Jamaican newspapers as well 18th and early 19th century copies are extremely rare. Look forward to updates as things progress. Very Best Regards – Richard


Except FMP still seems to treat Canada (an independent country) as part of either a) the US or b) Great Britain – Ontario newspapers are in the Great Britain collection, while those from other provinces are in the US and World and we have to look for “States” – Canada doesn’t have states. It has provinces.
Just a heads up for those who want to find Canadian newspapers in FMP’s Newspaper collection.


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