Findmypast Introduces New Look Brand

The following announcement was written by Findmypast:

Salt Lake City, Utah,  February 29th 17, 2019. 

Leading British and Irish family history website, Findmypast, has announced a major rebranding of their .com site to reflect the company’s mission to provide researchers of all levels with new opportunities for discovery. 

After many years, Findmypast has completely refreshed the site’s design as the brand enters a new decade. While Findmypast’s core features and services remain unchanged, the look and feel of the site has been significantly improved to encourage new users to explore their past while staying true to its roots as the must-have genealogy resource experienced researchers know and love.

As well as a new color scheme, new record icons and minor navigation changes such as the new ‘Help & more’ button that directs new users to the resources they need, Findmypast is proud to introduce a new brand logo that reflects how family history is unique for each individual. 

Users will see different variations of ‘my’ on the logo throughout their journey with Findmypast. These ‘mys’ have been collected from members of the Findmypast community, so are authentic and personal – just how family history should be.

Users will see Findmypast’s new tagline – “Where will your past take you?”– used across the site and on social media. This reflects how Findmypast helps researchers across the globe see their bigger picture by learning about their past, present and future. It is a celebration of lives understood backwards but lived forwards.

Findmypast is also reviewing how they describe their unrivalled collection of records and features by simplifying the language and methods used to speak directly to their members. Findmypast believes family history should be for everyone and seeks to break down the barriers to entry by cultivating a warmer, more encouraging environment for family discoveries.

These changes are just the latest step in Findmypast’s drive to improve the experiences of all its users. Following on from the release of tree-to-tree hints earlier this year, researchers can expect to see a variety of new features and record collections releases announced throughout 2020.

Tamsin Todd, CEO of Findmypast said: “What excites me most about Findmypast’s powerful new branding is how it reflects that while our research is situated in the past, the results of our research make such a difference to the present and the future. We each look for the unique family histories that make us who we are as individuals, so that we can share those stories and carry them forward  to future generations. Our global world can sometimes feel so impersonal, and it’s an honour to be part of a brand whose data, technology and expertise helps to bridge the gaps between generations.” 


I for one do not like the new icon’s used for the male and female in the trees. I think that they look quite creepy. I wish that they would return to something more representational and I do not like working in my tree. So, am weighing the possibility of removing the tree. It is not really necessary to have one on their site as I have one on My Heritage and Ancestry.
I do, however, love their resources and will continue to use them as I find more information on their site than on other sites. That alone is worth the cost for me.


I don’t like their new look. 😦


First time user, am a French CANUC and has been turned on by another CANUC BROTHER and has printed out for me a look at my Genealogy…
Looking forward to your information…
Thanks… James


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