She Got a Hysterectomy Because of Family History. Then She Found Out She Was Adopted.

Perhaps you should have a DNA test BEFORE any surgery that appears to be for an inherited medical condition. Indeed, consumer genetic testing is resulting in some truly traumatic medical surprises.

You might want to read the article by Libby Copeland at


I am so very grateful that my birth family treated me with kindness and welcomed me into the family. My heart goes out to this woman who was treated unkindly by so many.


After hunting for my mother’s biological mother, my sisters and I hired a genealogist to help. She was able to narrow down our search to the most likely person. But in the process, she uncovered that my dad’s father was not the person he knew as his father. I also was contacted by someone who had information that my dad had been married at a very young age and fathered a child. We were so happy to know we had a new niece. So after years of doing family research I will be modifying my tree. We were left realing at first, but people are people and life throws us curves sometimes. I am just excited to meet some new family.


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