Findmypast Friday: Fascinating New Women’s Records Available to Search Online for the First Time

The following announcement was written by Findmypast:

Just in time for International Women’s Day, Findmypast have released two brand new collections of women’s records that have never been available online until now.

British Army, Women’s Army Auxiliary Corps 1917-1920

Uncover details of the remarkable women who served during the First World War with these detailed military records. They’ve been published online for the first time ever, only at Findmypast. Taken from The National Archives’ WO 162 and WO 368 series, the records include:

    • WO 162/54 women emigrating after the war
    • WO 162/58 WAAC administrators in France
    • WO 162/62 lists of female motor drivers
    • WO 162/65 recommendations for honours and mentions in Peace Gazette

These transcripts and original document images are highly detailed and contain extraordinary information for genealogists. The medical papers will give you a full physical description of your ancestor but also information related to her own health and family medical history. The completed references are valuable for getting to know more about your ancestor’s character as well as people important enough in her life to be asked for a reference. Various other forms will include addresses, parents’ nationalities and next of kin details, all excellent material to help grow your family tree.

British Armed Forces, First World War Disability & Retirement Payments For Officers & Nurses

Another online first from The National Archives, these records are packed with information on Great War officers and nurses. In particular, you’ll uncover details on the pay and gratuities that were given to invalided officers from the three branches of the Armed Forces, as well as nurses’ disability payments.

The collection comprises of 40 pieces from six series:

    1. PMG 42 – Ministry of Pensions: Disability Retired Pay, Gratuities, etc
    2. PMG 43 – Ministry of Pensions: Supplementary Allowances and Special Grants
    3. PMG 44 – Ministry of Pensions: Pensions to Relatives of Deceased Officers
    4. PMG 45 – Ministry of Pensions: Widows Pensions
    5. PMG 46 – Ministry of Pensions: Children’s Allowances
    6. PMG 47 – Ministry of Pensions: Relatives of Missing Officer

You can learn more about what’s included in each series on the record set search page.

Other new additions

Alongside our new releases, be sure to explore our extensive collection of Women’s Royal Navy and Women’s Royal Air Force records to discover if your family tree is hiding a pioneer of girl power.

England & Wales Government Probate Death Index 1858-2019

We’ve added a massive 9.3 million additional records to this useful resource which now dates as far back as 1858. This latest update brings the mammoth collection to just over 24 million records.

An official government index for England and Wales, the records include transcripts and images that provide facts on your relatives’ deaths and what they left behind. You could find death and probate dates, next of kin details, the value of their effects and much more. Images of the indexes are only featured for entries up until 1996.


This week, we’ve released two brand new papers and made substantial updates to 12 existing ones. The brand new additions are;

Has your family’s local paper grown? Below is a list of historical newspapers that have been supplemented and the years covered;

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