Book Review: The Family Tree Irish Genealogy Guide

The following book review was written by Bobbi King:The following book review was written by Bobbi King:

The Family Tree Irish Genealogy Guide
By Claire Santry. Family Tree Books. 2017. 238 pages.

For years, Ms. Santry avoided research of her Irish ancestors because she believed that a 1922 fire had destroyed all Irish records. Once she realized the myth for the obstacle that it was, she launched her family search.

She believes Irish research it a whole lot easier nowadays, what with the availability of online records, along with the myriad libraries and archives that still hold valuable old registers. Ms. Santry’s experience led to writing the Irish Genealogy Guide which she promises “will give you a thorough grounding in genealogical techniques and point you towards the records you need to search, both in the United States and in Ireland. It’s full of tips, essential explanations about the collections, and strategic advice.”

The book is comprised of:

Part 1: Linking Your Family Tree to Ireland

Chapters are:

  • Discovering Your Irish Heritage
  • Jump-Starting Your Irish Research
  • Identifying Your Immigrant Ancestor

Part 2: Getting to Know the Old Country

Chapters are:

  • Understanding Irish History
  • Understanding Irish Geography
  • Deciphering Irish Names and Surnames
  • Civil Registrations
  • Church Records
  • Census Records
  • Land and Property Records
  • Printed Records
  • Probate, Law & Order, Military, and Occupation Records

Part 3: Using Advanced Sources and Strategies

Chapters are:

  • Putting It All Together
  • What To Do When You Get Stuck

Appendices are

  • Latin in Irish Catholic Parish Registers
  • Irish Genealogy Research Societies
  • Irish Graveyard Research
  • Archives, Libraries, and Other Repositories in Ireland
  • County and Heritage Genealogy Centers
  • Publications and Websites

Irish Genealogy presents a broad and inclusive guide to Irish research. I think it would be immensely useful for beginners and advanced Irish sleuths alike.

The Family Tree Irish Genealogy Guide by Claire Santry is available from Amazon at:

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