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(+) How to Encrypt Your Files for Security

Enjoy Free and Unlimited Access to MyHeritage In Color™

UPDATE #15: Genealogy Cancellations and Postponements Due to Coronavirus

The Coronavirus is New, But Not Much Different from Viruses Suffered by Our Ancestors

Will This Year’s U.S. Census Be the Last?

Bob McLaren, R.I.P.

Carol Skydell, R.I.P.

A Cold Case: Thanks to Genealogy and a Persistent Forensic Pathologist, a Previously Unknown Woman’s Body has now been Identified and Buried after 99 Years

Better Business Bureau Announces New Website for COVID-19 Scams

An Earthquake of 5.7-Magnitude Rocks Salt Lake City, Leaves Tens of Thousands Without Power

New Records Available to Search This Findmypast Friday

TheGenealogist has Released a Collection of Searchable Early Trade and Residential Directories that Cover the Years 1816-1839

Apple Unveils new iPad Pro – Is This the Ultimate Computer for Genealogy Uses?

Recent Updates to the Calendar of Genealogy Events

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