Funerals are the Latest Part of American Life to Move Online

The CoronaVirus has affected millions of people worldwide. However, one thing that I never stopped to think about is funerals. Yes, families are now encouraged to hold funerals online with all guests attending by livestreaming online conferencing, not in-person.

From an article in the CNN Business News web site:

“The spread of the coronavirus has already canceled some of life’s biggest moments, from delaying funerals to postponing weddings, graduations and baby showers. It’s also forcing Americans to turn to livestreaming or video chat options for events central to our daily lives that would ordinarily revolve around in-person gatherings: school, office meetings, religious services and college tours. Funerals are just the latest, and potentially the most heartbreaking, example of this trend. With more than 7,000 deaths in the US each day, many don’t want to delay celebrating the lives of loved ones.

“In an effort to reduce crowds and promote ‘social distancing,’ the CDC advised the National Funeral Directors Association in a webinar to encourage its network to livestream services and burials to help prevent the spread of the virus.”

The full article by Samantha Murphy Kelly may be found in the CNN Business News web site at:

I can believe this also would be a great improvement for distant relatives who cannot attend in person. For instance, my mother passed away unexpectedly in 1984. I missed her funeral because I was 12,000 miles away in a remote city in northeastern China at that time. Travel back to the U.S. would have required several days to possibly a week. I would have given anything to watch the service live via teleconference. (That technology obviously was not available in the 1980s.)



Years ago I setup a link to a wedding that was being streamed specifically for the mother of the groom who was recovering from cancer surgery. That was before Zoom or FaceTime. It went well. Should be easier today. They did have professional HD cameras though.


I am posting this on several items because it requires exposure.
Dick, I have always appreciated your blog. However, I want you to know that your efforts to keep us current on the situations forced by the current COVID-19 crisis are greatly appreciated.


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