Announcing “Ask The Expert” Webinars Conducted by MyHeritage

These times of self-imposed quarantines and other unpleasantness imposed by the CoronaVirus pandemic create problems but also create opportunities. One such opportunity is the ability to stay home and learn about all sorts of topics. For genealogy-related topics, MyHeritage has just announced a series of live “Ask The Expert” webinars. Yes, you can stay home and learn more about topics that interest you.

The “Ask The Expert” webinars will be conducted via the already popular GoToWebinars. The webinars will focus on the use of the MyHeritage web site and how to get more from the service. In each webinar, Genealogy Expert Daniel Horowitz will explain how to use a particular feature of MyHeritage and also will answer questions from the audience.

The online webinars will be held twice a week, on Tuesdays and Thursdays, at 2pm Eastern U.S. time. The webinars are free but you do need to register in advance in order to attend each webinar.

Mark your calendar!

Here is the schedule with registration links for each of the upcoming sessions:

April 02 @ 2pm EDT How to Work with U.S. Census Records


As the U.S. begins collecting the 2020 census, explore the U.S. census collections in MyHeritage SuperSearch™, discover what information each one holds for you, and learn how to save these valuable genealogical insights to your family tree.


April 07 @ 2pm EDT Accepting Smart Matches™
Every week MyHeritage brings you thousands of matches with other family trees, and some have lots of details that may be new to you. Learn how to best manage those matches, contact the source of the information, and effortlessly add the details to your tree.


April 09 @ 2pm EDT Filling in the Details on Your Tree


Go beyond the basic details (birth, marriage, and death) and record all the facts and events of your relatives’ lives with proper source citations, notes, and images.


April 14 @ 2pm EDT Theory of Family Relativity™: Nailed It or Not?


MyHeritage brings you Theories of Family Relativity™ to help you trace the relationship path between yourself and unknown DNA Matches. By corroborating tree and record data, Theories of Family Relativity™ provide plausible theories that may help you prove or further explore a possible relationship path.


April 16 @ 2pm EDT Generate Charts and Graphics


You’ve been putting so much work into your family tree — wouldn’t it be nice to have something tangible to show for it? Learn how to generate FREE charts and reports from your tree that you can print or share digitally with other family members.


April 21 @ 2pm EDT Accepting Record Matches


You receive thousands of matches with historical records that can add lots of valuable new details to your research. Learn how to best manage those matches, evaluate the facts, and extract the information effortlessly to your tree.



Locations are key in tracking your family. The MyHeritage PedigreeMap™ feature takes the information from your tree and plots it on a map of the world. Learn how to make the most of this feature and review all the information on ancestral places around the world.


April 28, @ 2pm EDT Consistency Checker


No research is perfect; even the most seasoned genealogists can miss things. MyHeritage help you identify those errors with the Consistency Checker. Learn what we review and how to fix those inconsistencies to make your family tree more accurate.


April 30, @ 2pm EDT Instant Discoveries™


MyHeritage gives new genealogists a jump-start by offering the option of adding a whole new branch of up to 50 people to your tree with one click. Learn what you need to do afterwards and how to take full advantage of this feature.


Looking foreward to programs. Thanks!


    Great! It will be very helpful. Thank you! : )
    Note: Beverly, would be interested in learning more about your Jacobs line. Not sure of the proper way to connect.


Conflict with other webinars…. will these be recorded to listen to at a later time ?


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