April 1 – Today is Census Day in the US

Today is the official Census Day in the US. You may have received your census form a few weeks ago but the information submitted is supposed to be accurate as of April 1, 2020. If you have not already filled out your census form and submitted it (online or on paper) , you should do so today. This is also the first time the census can be completed online.

Reminder: Submitting the census form information is not optional! Participation in the census is required by law. In fact, it is a requirement of the U.S. Constitution, a requirement written in 1787 and still in effect today.  However, there are numerous other, non-legal, reasons to comply with the law.

Census numbers determine how many representatives each state gets in Congress and how billions of dollars in federal funding get spent. Schools, roads and other crucial community components will gain — or lose — money over the next 10 years depending on this official population tally. In short, if the area where you live needs money to educate students, build highways, build hospitals, and more, your information helps justify the need for funding of these projects in your area.

If you don’t complete the forms, expect a visit from a census taker later in the year who may interview you to make sure everyone is counted.


Required by law, yes. But no one has been prosecuted for not filling out the census since 1970.


I wonder if census takers visit RV Parks, and how full-time travelers are counted. Most full-timers have a registered domicile, so I guess they are counted for the domicile location rather than where they are physically located on April 1. I believe there are over a million full time RVers now.


How long does one’s ancestors need to live in America to list American as their ancestry on the 2020 Census form?
400 years?


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