“Roots Less Traveled”, a New Television Series Co-Produced by Ancestry®, to Debut on NBC April 4

UPDATE: The following press release written by Ancestry and also available on the Ancestry blog at https://ancstry.me/2wSFtrR says the show will be broadcast on April 4 but some EOGN newsletter readers have found it in their local lists of television schedules as being scheduled for April 5.

The following is an announcement written by Ancestry®:

We’re excited to announce we have a new television show debuting on NBC which features real people and their personal discoveries! From the comfort of your own couch, you can tag along each week as Roots Less Traveled follows a pair of family members​ who bond over their joint quest to learn more about their shared family history.

NOTE for newsletter readers outside the USA: NBC is an American television network. Roots Less Traveled probably will not be available in your country.

The series features relatives as they set out on an adventure to solve mysteries in their family tree. From rumors of ancestors aboard the Titanic to stories of homesteaders forging a new path for future generations, the duos discover the truth behind the tales that have been passed down for generations, revealing the inspiring lives their ancestors led. In partnership with Ancestry®, they learn how their past has shaped their present and through this shared journey how family bonds are deepened.

 Roots Less Traveled joins the Saturday NBC morning programming block, The More You Know, beginning April 4, 2020. Please check your local listings for further details. Episodes will also stream on NBC.com and Hulu.

 Here are some fun facts about Roots Less Traveled by the numbers!

 This season, we visit 7 locations across the U.S., Cuba and Mexico.

 14 people take this journey of a lifetime.

Faruq Tauheed is the show’s 1 host.

 Over 800 hours of family history research went into this series.

The 7 family trees created for this season include 460 people and 1,280 records.

Tune in for 7 great stories and 1 “best of” episode starting April 4. Don’t forget to check your local listings.


I have watched a episode with the MTV female host that comes on saturday mornings and I have tried to find out how a person can get on the show or one like it since I have had a Ancestry account since it first started, before the DNA test kits. Which I have done. I have a very unique history with two major mysterys I need to have solved with their expertise. If anyone knows how to contact the write officials please Dm me or email me yana.davis79@yahoo.com.


I am excited to see ordinary people featured instead of celebrities.


I checked my DVR and can not find it on NBC for Saturday April 4th


I found it on SUNDAY April 5th at 12:30 in the afternoon.


    Thank you but I would be a little more impressed if these programs would help the little people like myself. I’ve done much of the leg work but can piece it together or find things other than the census records. But I will watch because I love genealogy


If there is any way to help unlock my maternal grandmothers history, please notify me. She was sent away to New Orleans when she was very young with many questions unanswered and her showing in the 1910 census as Barrow. She was born Dec 1909 as a Simmons, then in 1930 as a Simmons In DeQuincey, LA in a boarding house. I’m wondering if they sent her away, since both parents remarried. Please e-mail me at mvhastings19@gmail.com.


I watched this morning, 4/4 and will not watch again. No research information AT ALL, just 2 ancestors names given to the brother and sister ‘subjects’ and then the program segued to mostly a travel log to Mexico City where one of the ancestors was an influential politician. Great – but NO information as to how they found this out – not educational, just ‘magic of Ancestry’ – a thinly disguised infomercial as far as I am concerned. No resemblance to UK Who Do You Think You Are? or the US Finding your Roots. Waste of time – file under ‘human interest’ if that’s what you want.


    Pam, you hit the nail right on the head. You echoed my feelings about the show exactly. While it was a good attempt to bring a different light to genealogy, it lacks the research that shows like “Who Do You Think You Are” have. I recorded four shows, watched two, and then erased the other two without watching them. Thank for your expressions.


Just so you know, we in Ontario, Canada get NBC so have it marked for recording next Saturday at noon.


Patricia Quinney-Hayes May 1, 2020 at 5:43 pm

How can I be on the show


Would MB you consider doing a show connecting me to my relatives in Bulgaria . My Grandfather came to USA in 1912. His b name is Paul George Menkoff. Known as Pavli Geordigi there . He was born in 1889 . In Kaleytsa in believe .The town does not exist anymore so I was told by the counsel at the Bulgarian Embassy in Washington. You can contact me at theroc692@gmail.com. My name is David Menkoff .. very Slavic right


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