Utah Governor Orders All Adults Entering the State to Disclose Their Travel Plans

This may put a damper on some genealogists’ plans to visit Salt Lake City, including for next month’s (still scheduled) NGS conference. It isn’t a complete travel ban, but the new ruling certainly will have a chilling effect on travel to Utah:

Utah Gov. Gary Herbert (shown above) issued an executive order yesterday requiring adults entering the state to disclose their travel plans in the latest state-led crackdown on domestic travel amid the novel coronavirus pandemic.

The order, which went into effect this morning, applies to all adults regardless of how they enter the state. The governor’s office said Thursday visitors will get instructions on how to register their travel plans via an automatic text message when they arrive in the state.

“I am impressed with the extraordinary things that Utahns are doing each day to help one another stay safe and stay home. In recent days, however, we have seen an uptick in travel on our roads,” Herbert said in a statement. “We need to limit our travel to essential purposes only.”

You can read more in an article by Paul LeBlanc in CNN at: https://www.cnn.com/2020/04/09/politics/utah-coronavirus-travel-restriction/index.html and in an article by Ben Winslow in the KSTU web site at: https://www.eastidahonews.com/2020/04/travel-declarations-will-be-required-for-people-entering-utah-to-slow-the-spread-of-coronavirus/.


David Paul Davenport April 11, 2020 at 2:19 am

It is shocking that a pandemic has brought to the surface the demi-gods, tyrants, and dictators who disregard our Constitution. Ben Franklin once famously said that those surrender their civil liberties in the name of enhanced security deserve neither liberty nor security. It looks like Franklin was right.


It’s shocking that Mr. Davenport is willing to put the lives of his fellow Americans in jeopardy by denigrating even the most rudimentary (and temporary) measures needed to bring this pandemic under control.


    David Paul Davenport April 15, 2020 at 3:37 am

    Requiring people to report their movement is just about the most extreme measure of tyranny I can imagine. Maybe Jane hasn’t heard of facial masks to block transmission of the virus from one person to another This is what Hitler required of German Jews in much of the 1930s and this is what made it relatively easy for Hitler to “quarantine” Jews, round them up, and transport them enmasse to extermination camps. I’m not stating that the Governor of Utah intends to do this (God forbid that he should) but the fact that he has issued his “orders” about essential travel sickenes me because it shows his ignorance of history and invites comparisons with Hitler. He took a oath to uphold the Constitution and the Constitution does not give the government the authority to track the movement of people, and Courts have ruled that the police must have a warrant based on probably cause to collect GPS information from a person’s smart phone and this Governor is acting as though he above the law. I believe in and support the Constitution, Jane apparently does not.


Yes, Jane has different ideas. I’m a privacy hawk in normal times. This is life and death and not normal times. Facial masks aren’t foolproof. Nothing is at the moment. When we have this pandemic under control, I will be among the first to clamor for privacy. Will not bother you again with this, Mr. Davenport.


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