Your Risk of Getting Sick From Covid-19 May Lie in Your Genes

You have inherited many things from your ancestors, including a possible risk of catching the Covid-19 virus. According to an article by Kristen V Brown and Michelle Fay Cortez in the Bloomberg web site:

Some people experience Covid-19 as nothing more than a mild cold, and others exhibit no symptoms at all. Then there are the thousands who sicken and, often, die. Scientists are working hard to understand the underlying reasons for such huge discrepancies in symptoms and outcomes. No one knows the answer yet. One theory: It is locked deep in our genetic makeup.

“What is it that makes some people very sick and other people hardly sick at all? There are two major possibilities,” says Kári Stefánsson, head of deCODE Genetics, an Icelandic subsidiary of Amgen Inc. that has conducted some of the most extensive studies of the virus to date. One is the genetic sequence of the virus itself: that some strains make people sicker than others, he says. The other: the unique genetics of each person who catches the disease.

You can read a lot more at:

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