British Museum Makes 1.9 Million Images Available for Free

The British Museum has all sorts of photographs available and many of them may interest genealogists. The odds of having a photograph of your ancestors are slim, but you may find historic photographs of the town or other local areas where ancestors lived as well as photographs of military units, landmarks, clothing, and even the Admonitions Scroll made in China over 1600 years ago.

The British Museum has revamped its online collections database, making over 1.9 million photos of its collection available for free online under a Creative Commons license. (That license allows free non-commercial use of the photographs.)

Under the new agreement the majority of the 1.9 million images are being made available for anyone to use for free under a Creative Commons 4.0 license. Users no longer need to register to use these photographs, and can now download them directly from the British Museum.

Details may be found at:

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Direct link to the British Museum:


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