FuneralZoom® – Bringing Families Together

Here is a business that should succeed as long as the present restrictions dictated by the CoronVirus pandemic prohibit travel and also prohibit group gatherings. Quoting from the FuneralZoom web site:

“In these difficult and trying times, FuneralZoom is here for you and your family. Because we know how important it is to stay safe, yet we recognize the importance of being able to say farewell to a loved one.

“Through the use of technology, we will take care of everything you need to have a thoughtful, personalized celebration of your loved one’s life.

“Geography and distance are no longer an issue. From most computers, laptops, tablets and phones — you can bring those who cherrished your loved one together — virtually.”

“If your funeral professional, (or you) you have produced a memorial video, you can upload it through our family member’s contact page. We will include it as part of the service.

I have written before about online funerals (at and now I am impressed that a company is going into the “business” of arranging online funerals where “you, and other family and friends will be able to express your feelings of loss and memories with each other, safely, from the comfort of your own home,” even during times of pandemics, travel restrictions, or simply for mourners who cannot travel great distances to attend in person.

I believe this can be be a great improvement for distant relatives who cannot attend in person, even after the present pandemic is over. For instance, my mother passed away unexpectedly in 1984. I missed her funeral because I was 12,000 miles away in a remote city in northeastern China at that time. Travel back to the U.S. would have required several days to possibly a week. It was a 3-day train ride just to get back to Beijing and then I would need to purchase a ticket on short notice during the height of the tourist to get to the U.S. I would have given anything to watch the service live via teleconference. (That technology obviously was not available in the 1980s.)

FuneralZoom can arrange online coverage of funerals that are held most anywhere in the U.S. (although I did not see Alaska on the list) with virtual attendees anywhere in the world.

FuneralZoom may be found at


I’ve been concerned about security issues that have been reported with regards to Zoom. Yet it is being used by large numbers of people. What’s the latest?


    —> What’s the latest?

    Zoom has suffered from multiple security issues. However, a few days ago the company issued a major software update which the company claims will solve many of the issues. It is too early right now to say if all the problems are fixed or not but early indications say that things look good.

    You can learn more at which states:

    “After a month of criticism, a promised update for Zoom has arrived, introducing stronger encryption plus resolution of a number of past issues with the platform, including ‘Zoombombing.’

    “The new Zoom 5.0 update, for example, introduces AES 256-bit GCM encryption, which the company says will offer ‘increased protection’ of data in transit and resistance to tampering.”

    On a personal note, I have been using Zoom for one online meeting at least once a week for more than a year and have never experienced any problems with it. However, I have read several reports that have described problems that other Zoom users encountered so I am sure there have been legitimate problems for some users. I am hoping these problems have been fixed with the latest update but I believe we need to use Zoom for several more weeks before we will know if the update fixed everything or not.


We are trying something on a larger scale. My Baker ancestors came to Southern Ontario in 1847 with 10 children. The first annual picnic/reunion was in 1898. This year is to be the 123rd consecutive reunion. Unlike many families we have kept the reunion going through 2 world wars and the depression. So this year we are taking to zoom to keep the record going. We have lots of enthusiasm, are good organizers and are determined to keep up the uninterrupted event! In 1998 we joked that our ancestors would be shocked at us going to church in our underthings. It was really hot with no air conditioning in the home church so we wore shorts and t shirts. Wonder what the reaction would be to zoom?


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