Forensic Genomics, a Dynamic New Peer-Reviewed Journal, is Launching in the Fall of 2020

The following announcement was written by Mary Ann Liebert, Inc.:

Forensic Genomics, a dynamic new peer-reviewed journal, will launch its preview issue at the annual International Symposium on Human Identification (ISHI) in September 2020.

Forensic Genomics elucidates modern advances in genetic testing, genome sequencing, and analysis which are enabling investigators to break through previously impenetrable barriers in forensic testing and enable advances in live and cold case investigations.

Published by Mary Ann Liebert, Inc. and spearheaded by Editor-in-Chief David Mittelman, PhD founder and CEO of Othram Inc., the Journal will be published quarterly in print and online with open access options; it will serve as the cornerstone publication of forensic genetics, genomics, and genealogy.

“Advances in forensic genomics and genealogy have helped solve an unprecedented number of cold cases in the past few years,” says Dr. Mittelman. “Forensic Genomics will document and facilitate continued innovation in the field and drive validation and adoption of this exciting new technology for forensics professionals.”

The Journal will focus on the use of the latest DNA testing technologies, algorithms, artificial intelligence, and genealogical research methods to support human identification using inference tools and inductive reasoning.

Forensic Genomics is of essential benefit to genome scientists seeking to mine ancestry, trait, and relationship information from human genomes; bioinformaticians and data scientists developing advanced tools for genome data processing and identity inference; laboratory scientists that are pioneering new laboratory methods to access genetic information from evidence and remains generally inaccessible to current test methods; and forensic DNA analysts seeking to implement these technologies into their current workflows.

Joining Dr. Mittelman on the Forensic Genomics editorial leadership team as Associate Editors is the renowned genetic genealogist CeCe Moore (Parabon Nanolabs), as well as Amy Michael (University of New Hampshire), Bobby LaRue (Sam Houston State University), Denise Syndercombe-Court (King’s College, London) and Robert Bever (Bode Cellmark Forensics).

Forensic Genomics welcomes original research papers, reviews, perspectives, commentaries, and short reports on every aspect of DNA testing technologies, algorithms, artificial intelligence, and genealogical research methods to support human identification using inference tools and inductive reasoning. In addition, the Journal will also accept genealogical research that encourages advances in genetic testing and genomic analysis, phenotyping, ancestry, kinship, and genetic genealogy.

For more information on the Journal and manuscript submission, click here.

About the Publisher

Mary Ann Liebert, Inc., publishers is globally recognized for its authoritative publications. Celebrating its 40th anniversary in 2020, the company is renowned for its prescience in identifying and nurturing critical areas of science and biomedical research. Please visit our website to peruse the publications launched by this privately held company.

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