How to Download Free Ebooks and Digital Audiobooks from Public Libraries

Are you sitting around the house and fighting boredom during this time of self-isolation? Have you already read every book and magazine in the house? Twice? You obviously need to obtain more reading material from your local library.

“Wait a minute,” you exclaim. “The library is closed and even if it was open, I shouldn’t go there simply because I am supposed to be in shelter-in-place isolation.”

No problem, as long as you have a laptop, desktop, or tablet computer or a Kindle ebook reader or most any other computing device that can be used as an ebook reader.

According to an article by Haidee Chu in the Mashable web site:

“…while 98 percent of library systems have closed their doors to the public outside of these essential services, many continue to offer — and even expand — ebook and digital audiobook selections for remote access.

“Among the 2,500 library systems the Public Library Association surveyed over the last week of March, 74 percent have expanded their online ebook and audio streaming services. Part of that, some libraries told Mashable, is due to the increase in demand since states issued shelter-in-place orders in response to the COVID-19 outbreak.”

The rather lengthy article then goes on to provide step-by-step instructions for borrowing ebooks from libraries, even when you perhaps do not yet have a library card.

How to Download Free Ebooks and Digital Audiobooks from Public Libraries by Haidee Chu may be found at:


The easiest way is to visit your library’s website, card in hand, and there will be links and instructions for you. All the libraries are wanting their patrons to continue using their local library. I am able to access AncstryLibrary at home, read my favorite magazines and download books. Our local library network is a wonderful resource!


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