2 Sentenced to House Arrest in Long-Running Scheme to Steal Rare Books

I wrote about this crime when the accused were arrested. My earlier articles may be found at https://bit.ly/37NRKLT and https://bit.ly/30ZNUOD. Now the two men have been tried and sentenced. According to an article at https://bit.ly/2YisB99:

Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh

“A former archivist and a bookstore proprietor who had been accused of stealing about 300 uncommon books and different artifacts from Pittsburgh’s central library — objects that may price greater than $eight million to interchange — had been every sentenced Friday to a number of years of home arrest, prosecutors stated.

“The former archivist, Gregory Priore, who oversaw a particular assortment of uncommon books on the Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh, walked out of the constructing with books — generally in plain sight — and bought them to the native bookstore proprietor, John Schulman, in a scheme that lasted almost 20 years, the authorities stated.

“Patrick Dowd, board chair of the Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh, stated the thefts ‘will without end increase doubts in regards to the safety of all future charitable donations, notably to the Carnegie Library.'”

You can read the full story at https://bit.ly/2YisB99.


Is the website where the full article is published, not English-as-first-language? Some of the sentences read like they’d been run through Google Translate. I also have to wonder about this sentence: “The stolen objects included a 1787 first-edition ebook signed by Thomas Jefferson…” A man ahead of his time LOL.
Regardless, thanks for posting this followup.

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This is an unacceptable result. She should have sentenced them to 500 years of solitude at Elmhurst. Meanwhile, the original story, in English, is available on the New York Times; [usual words about paywall go here]. Link: https://www.nytimes.com/2020/06/20/us/Carnegie-library-theft-schulman-priore.html


Justice has NOT been served.


These two men have been treated in an extraordinary way. I wonder if the prosecutor apologized for arresting them. It’s a good thing they weren’t poor men of color.


David Paul Davenport June 24, 2020 at 2:13 am

Disgusting that they didn’t get hard time. This Judge is a disgrace.


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