How Immune From COVID-19 Are You? New DNA Test Hopes To Offer Insight

I have no knowledge of this company and its products, other than what it says in a promotional article at It does look interesting, however:

With all the talk about boosting immunity during the pandemic, people are looking for ways to stay informed, take precautions, and boost their body’s ability to fight infection. Endocanna Health, a cannabis DNA company, believes they have a unique tool to help you understand your body’s genetic predispositions and potential health risks—a free DNA test that takes a molecular dive into your endocannabinoid system.

“We want to empower people with the information they need to take control of their immune health, especially at such a critical moment in public health and wellness,” says Len May, CEO of Endocanna Health. “Understanding your genetic predispositions and potential risks can help you take measures to support a healthy immune response.”

You can read a little bit more at


if this test is free why does it come up as $199 dollars I was going to do it until it came up at that costjoan dinnel


    Hi. The Immune report is FREE. You have to upload your 23andMe, Ancestry or existing EndoDNA report to receive it. The $199 is for a complete EndoDNA report for personalized cannabinoids and can be purchased at


I would like to see evidence of the science behind the claims made. We do know that the endocannabinoid system is involved in the immune response, but I respectfully suggest asking for relevant papers published in respected journals and getting help in interpreting them if you need to, before buying this kit.


With all due respect Dick, I don’t think you should be posting unproven medical theories on your website. Especially during a pandemic.


“Customers learn what their unique genes are as they relate to each one of those areas, and then Endocanna provides a suggested ratio of cannabinoids and turpentine that are more optimal to your genetic expression. ”

In the cited article, I could not find any mention of COVID-19. It does mention the flu, but that is not COVID-19. I did see the above quote. Turpentine? And the main focus was on Cannabis.


    Hi. The word is Terpene not Turpentine! That is the essential oil that is produced by plants. Endo is not making any claims especially around Covid-19. The goal of the report is to let people know they might have a genetic predisposition that makes them more susceptible to symptomatic conditions associated with immune health and provides suggested actions a person can take to mitigate or strengthen their immune response.


    Len: The quote in my original comment was a copy and paste from your article. It definitely stated ‘turpentine’. I see that the article has now been updated to the ‘essential oil’ you now state. However, this still means that the article was not professionally proofread — a bad sign for an article purporting to be a semi-medical article.

    And COVID-19 continues to be mentioned in the title of the article. To now state that you make no claim about COVID-19 one way or the other is not believable What was the purpose of including COVID-19 in the title if not to mislead people?.


    I share your concerns. While I have found that there are established endocannabinoid gene variants associated with some immune functions, I suspect that using “Covid-19” in the promotion is playing on people’s fears and uncertainties during the pandemic. If there are any recent research publications on endocannabinoid gene variants and susceptibility to Covid-19, I would be very interested to see them.


“We are not making any medical claims but pointing you to references and literature so you can empower yourself with knowledge and make your own conclusions.”

Erm no. Just no.

“According to May, the report gives insight into your:

Genetic predisposition to acute respiratory tract infections
Genetic predisposition to autoimmune irregularities and disorders
Genetic predisposition to experience stress and anxiety
Genetic predisposition to stress reactivity
The potential risk of developing severe influenza symptoms
Ability to resist infection
Potential symptom severity
Tolerance to pain”

Those are medical claims. So don’t BS us by saying you’re not making medical claims.


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