FREE Virtual Genealogy Fair in France on Saturday; Salon de généalogie

Do you have French ancestry? Do you also read and write French? If so, you may be interested in attending a virtual (online) genealogy conference in France.

Every year, the genealogical organizations in France have a national “Salon de Généalogie” that attracts 15,000 – 20,000 in-person attendees. Lots of vendor stands (huttes) with material, info, etc. Th same conference also includes lots of lectures, webinars, presentations of various kinds, demonstrations (how to use Généanet, Filae, etc.). This year, for the first time, conference organizers had to go virtual, like everyone else. It’s ALL FREE (and obviously, all in French). The link is:

It will be this coming Saturday, 27 June, from 9 am to 6 pm (in France, so 3 am to noon Eastern U.S. time). The web page says that all conferences are free and do not require advance registration. Just click on the link to join. The announcement says that the detailed schedule of conferences will be posted soon (on the website, accessible by the link:

This is a great opportunity for anyone interested in getting a glimpse of how genealogy is organized in France (and who can handle the language, of course).

You can click on the link and see the web page. Here is the original announcement:

Le 27 juin un grand salon de généalogie virtuel aura lieu en France et c’est une première !
Ça se passera de 9h à 18h.

Sans bouger de chez vous, déambulez dans le hall des exposants à la rencontre de près de
150 associations généalogiques, spécialistes et stands marchands.
Profitez gratuitement de plus de 30 conférences et animations généalogiques.

Comment faire ?

C’est simple, connectez-vous à cette adresse :
Vous pourrez cliquer sur les huttes pour arriver sur les stands thématiques.

Je remercie la lectrice de newsletter Claire Bettag de m’avoir parlé de cette conférence. (My thanks to newsletter reader Claire Bettag for telling me about this conference.)


I can read French pretty decently but not make much sense of it from a speaker. Does it say anywhere that the conference will be available for viewing once it’s over?


    All I know is what was written in the “short” announcement above. Since you are able to read French, you might investigate the conference’s web site at


    I didn’t find anything about future viewing. I was asking because I thought maybe you might have insider information or something that would answer my question. I guess not.


    Just saw this:
    Certaines conférences et animations seront proposées en replay, sur ce même site, du 28 juin au 5 juillet 2020. La liste des conférences concernées par le replay sera mise en ligne le 27 au matin.
    So tomorrow morning you should be able to see which talks will be available for a longer time.


Wow. There are lots of interesting talks, some of the topics a bit “off the wall,” to say the least (!) as well as many useful introductions to researching in the different European countries. I’m glad I’m in the correct time zone at the moment (thanks to COVID-19) and will surely listen in.


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