Yonkers, NY Birth and Death Records Go Online For First Time

Reclaim the Records claims another victory for genealogists! The following is from the Reclaim the Records announcement at: https://us11.campaign-archive.com/?u=5f700fdc65a51d3813e67dab2&id=c08aa3aa97:



Hello again from Reclaim The Records! We hope everybody has been hunkered down safely and soundly for the last few months, maybe working on some genealogy from home with some of the records we’ve helped release online over the past few years. Well, we’re back to announce some great new records you might want to check out while you hunker in your bunker. And as always, these new records we’ve acquired and published are totally free.

After literally years of negotiating and haggling (although luckily stopping short of yet another lawsuit), we are pleased to announce the first-ever publication of tens of thousands of late nineteenth and early twentieth century births and deaths for Yonkers, New York. We’ve photographed the alphabetical indices, and for most years we were able to photograph the full birth and death registers, too!

And none of these record books had ever been available to the public to use or browse before, not even on microfilm at a library. And the people listed in these records were generally not in the statewide birth and death indices that we previously acquired and published for New York.

These photos are all new, and they’re gorgeous:

Click on the above image to view a much larger version.

You can read all the details at https://us11.campaign-archive.com/?u=5f700fdc65a51d3813e67dab2&id=c08aa3aa97.

Here is a list of the records of Yonkers, New York that are now available online:

Record Type Years Format Notes
Yonkers Births 1875-1882 Birth Index + Birth Register We thought the records started in 1880-81. Nope, turns out it was 1875, plus a few scattered late registrations from some earlier years.
Yonkers Births 1882-1886 Birth Index ONLY We hope to photograph the Birth Register in the back of this book on a return visit.
Yonkers Births 1887-1890 Birth Index + Birth Register Actually starts late 1886. Missing photos of two pages in the Index, for some surnames starting with letters S and U.
Yonkers Births 1890-1893 Birth Index + Birth Register
Yonkers Births 1893-1895 Birth Index + Birth Register
Yonkers Births 1895-1897 Birth Index + Birth Register
Yonkers Births 1898-1900 MISSING? It is unclear whether this book survived; the office staff did not bring it out to us. If it still exists, we hope to photograph it on our return visit.
Yonkers Births 1900-1914 Birth Index ONLY This book does not include a Register. It does include a few delayed birth registrations from other years outside this range.
Yonkers Births unlabeled,
but approx.
Birth Index ONLY This book does not include a Register. It does include a few delayed birth registrations from other years outside this range. It is not clear why these births were compiled into a separate book from the previous book.
Yonkers Births February 1915 –
April 1916
Birth Index + Birth Register in a “mini certificate” format These Birth Registers are in a different format from the previous books, and almost look like a miniature birth certificate. Several records are covered over with white paper taped over the original page, presumably as a crude redaction of the original birth records of adoptees.
Yonkers Deaths 1875-1884 Death Index + Death Register We thought the records started in 1880-81. Nope, turns out it was 1875.
Yonkers Deaths 1884-1889 Death Index + Death Register
Yonkers Deaths 1890-1916 NOT YET AVAILABLE There are an unknown number of books covering deaths between 1890 and approximately 1915-16. The Clerk’s Office has mentioned in e-mails that the books after 1900 are in poor condition. We hope to photograph all of these on our return visit.


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