Genetic Genealogy Used To Crack Golden State Killer Case Opened Door For More Than 150 Cold Cases

Here is a brief quote from a new article by Julie Watts and published on Sacramento’s CBS13 web site:

“It’s estimated that more than 150 violent cold case suspects have been identified using genetic genealogy since the arrest of the Golden State Killer.

“The technology wasn’t new, but the Sacramento case opened the door for genealogy crime-fighting nationwide.”

The article then goes on to provide various details as well as some quotes from Parabon’s Chief Genetic Genealogist, Cece Moore. You can read more at:

One Comment

Court orders through the judicial system are required. It is not used for minor criminal activity. But is used for heinous crimes. They may use my DNA as needed for those reasons. Just as they now use fingerprints, it is part of modern technology and science. The first case was a horrible case – many, many victims. The perpetrator needed to be brought to justice and stopped.


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