An Obituary for a House?

If deceased people can have obituaries published, why can’t a house have the same thing when it “dies?” In fact, that has been done.

A house at 1720 Julian Street, Denver, Colorado was demolished quietly on the afternoon of June 8, 2020. She is believed to have been aged somewhere between 121 and 135 years—her origin story is certainly complicated.

The “obituary” for 1720 Julian, written by Katie Rudolph, may be found in the Denver Public Library’s web site at:

My thanks to newsletter reader Harry Ross for telling me about this obituary.


Why not a house? Or a car. Or a really nice heirloom pitcher or grandfather clock or set of porcelain teacups.


Interesting story. Thanks


In the Denver Library article there is a reference to a BBC TV series called A House Through Time. By Googling I found episodes on a website There went the morning as I followed the show’s host through the lives of all the people who had lived in a single terrace house in Liverpool. Absolutely fascinating!


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